GREENFIELD SOUTH (Sherway) Power Plant

July 8, 2013: MIRANET has outlined concerns in a LETTER regarding management of the Oakville-Clarkson Airshed (via OCAZMAC) and the IESO-OPA public consultation on the siting of power plants, further to siting mistakes and resultant power plant cancellations in Oakville and Mississauga (Sherway).  Concern is also expressed about the future of the Lakeview site.


Ontario Press Release (July 10, 2012): Statement from Ontario Minister of Energy.  Excerpt: "Last year, after listening to the community's concerns, our government made a commitment to residents in Mississauga and Etobicoke to relocate the Greenfield South Power natural gas plant.  The commitment was supported by both opposition parties.  Today, I am pleased to announce that the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has reached an agreement with Greenfield to relocate ... the 300 megawatt natural gas plant on part of Ontario Power Generation's Lambton Generating Station site.   The new site will take advantage of existing transmission and other infrastructure, as well as the expertise of local workers."

MIRANET comment: As Energy Minister Chris Bentley stated on November 21, 2011: "We heard from residents that our current process to locate gas plants needed to improve.  As we move forward with our commitment to relocate this plant, we are reviewing the process of how future gas plants will be located in communities.

This is the learning from this entire situation: the need for genuine citizen consultation as part of (and not after) the public decision-making process regarding the siting of power generation facilities.

P.S. As for the Oakville plant, Why Not Nanticoke? blog (July 13, 2012): Ontario's proposed power plant could be bad news for air quality in Sarnia-Lambton.


Mississauga News article (Dec. 1, 2011): Power plant may still be close by.  Excerpt: "Ontario Energy Minister Chris Bentley hinted today that although plans to build a power plant on Loreland Ave. in the city's east end have been scrapped, the new location won't be too far away.  In fact, he didn't rule out the new site being elsewhere in Mississauga or in a neighbouring municipality.  'The (Loreland Ave.) site was chosen to serve residents of that part of Mississauga and Etobicoke,' Bentley told The News as part of a conference call.  'We would want to be able to continue to serve (those communities).'

MIRANET comment:
  As then-Energy Minister Brad Duguid stated during his remarks upon cancelling the Oakville power plant on October 7, 2010, these local gas-fired plants are no longer needed in the southwest GTA, and long range transmission is in fact the best option, citing the Nanticoke solution, where such plants are welcomed by the surrounding community.  The power grid has to be maintained ANYWAY.
  MIRANET has requested verification of Minister Chris Bentley's remarks and intentions.


November 21, 2011: The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) announced that they have reached an agreement with Greenfield South Power Corporation to stop construction at Greenfield's power plant site in the Sherway area of Mississauga.  There will be no gas plant located on this site.

Click for OPA Statement

Click for Energy Minister Chris Bentley's Statement

Click for Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa's Statement.

Mississauga News article (Nov. 22, 2011): Community reacts to plant cancellation.

Mississauga News article (Nov. 22, 2011): Questions about plant cost.

MIRANET Statement: Since late 2007, representatives from 2 dozen residents’ associations in Mississauga have been involved in fighting power plants in Clarkson, Oakville and Sherway.  Thousands of words, volunteer hours and citizens have been involved in keeping the Mississauga South community informed, activated and inspired to continue the fight even in the face of bureaucratic and political impossibilities. 

In a week when the public will be presented with the City’s draft Living Green Master Plan (where MIRANET has advocated for cleaner air initiatives), today’s provincial announcement is timely affirmation that residents have the right to a healthy quality of life in their neighbourhoods.  This announcement also affirms the value of collective citizen action and the responsibility to speak out as a community and engage with political representatives.

MIRANET letter to Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa:

Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011
Hon. Charles Sousa MPP (Miss. South) ; Hon. Charles Sousa MPP (Queen's Park)
Hazel McCallion (Mayor) ; Jim Tovey (Ward 1) ; Pat Mullin (Ward 2) ; Chris Fonseca (Ward 3) ; Frank Dale (Ward 4) ; Bonnie Crombie (Ward 5) ; Ron Starr (Ward 6) ; Nando Iannicca (Ward 7) ; Katie Mahoney (Ward 8) ; Pat Saito (Ward 9) ; Sue McFadden (Ward 10) ; George Carlson (Ward 11) ; Janice Baker (City Manager) ; Dr. David Balsillie ; Hon. Chris Bentley (ENE) ; Hon. Jim Bradley (MOE)
Subject: Congratulations re: Construction halted at Sherway power plant  

Dear Charles:  Congratulations for your strong community advocacy on the power plant issue throughout all the twists and turns over the past 4 years!  While we’re sure the ‘lively’ engagement of the citizens and the unanimous support of Mayor McCallion and Mississauga Council was of great assistance when you took this fight to Queen’s Park, in the end this was a provincial matter and a provincial decision which you as an MPP had to promote within your own government, and it was often perceived as a lonely fight.

So much citizen and political energy has been expended on all these battles – just image what the community can accomplish with our collective energies rechanneled to much more positive initiatives!  

The MIRANET Environment Subcommittee looks forward to continued participation with the implementation of Dr. David Balsillie’s 2010 Air Quality Task Force report, through the pilot project (announced August 2011) focusing on the Clarkson-Oakville Airshed.  Once again, Charles, thank you for your year-long effort to establish this significant next step towards achieving cleaner air in our City.  With the Ontario election over and the Sherway site cancellation confirmed today, we trust the Air Zone Committee (back copied) will now be able to move forward.

City permits have been issued (May 2011) in regard to Eastern Power's Greenfield South project on a 4.5 hectare site at 2315 Loreland Avenue (street map) in the Dixie and Queensway (Sherway) area of Mississauga, for a 280 MW gas-fired power plant.  The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) (click for entry) awarded the contract in 2005, with a renegotiated operational date of late 2014.  Construction is ongoing.
THE NEW ONTARIO GOVERNMENT HAS TAKEN OFFICE:  On October 20, 2011 the new Liberal minority government officially took office with the PCs as the official opposition party.  Click for the official list of the Ontario Executive Council (Cabinet) sworn in October 20, 2011.  Citizens now expect the promises made regarding cancellation of the Sherway power plant to be immediately honoured and construction to stopRemind the Ontario government by e-mailing:

Premier Dalton McGuinty  (416) 325-1941
Minister of Energy: Hon. Chris Bentley
Minister of the Environment: Hon. Jim Bradley
Minister of Health and Long Term Care: Hon. Deb Matthews
Mississauga South MPP: Hon. Charles Sousa
Mississauga East-Cooksville MPP: Dipika Damerla  

Mayor Hazel McCallion
Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey
Ward 3 Councillor Chris Fonseca


Mississauga News coverage

    Includes photo galleries.


Daily Commercial News article (Nov. 18, 2011): Cancelled Ontario contracts draw fire.  Excerpt: "The newly elected government ... may face another legal fight if it proceeds with an election promise to 'relocate' the $400 million, 280 MW Greenfield South natural gas energy plant in Mississauga which is already well into construction.  According to the Ontario Power Authority, major equipment has been ordered and several powerhouse column footings are complete.  The Grits made the promise to shore up support for the incumbent Liberal MP Charles Sousa who was facing a tough battle.  The project was intended to take up the slack after the $1-billion, 900 MW Oakville Generating Station was cancelled because of voter pushback last year.  There are still unsettled claims on that project.  How much this will all cost and whether it proceeds to litigation or settlement is unclear.  What is clear is that there are hundreds of millions of dollar in liabilities the taxpayer may be forced to pay out.

Ontario PC Party website entry (Nov. 17, 2011): Fedeli to McGuinty: Tear Down This Plant.  Excerpt: "Standing in front of the massive structure yesterday, Fedeli spoke with local residents who are outraged that construction is continuing.  Local residents expressed to [MPP Vic] Fedeli their frustration that Dalton McGuinty would promise them one thing during the campaign and refuse to follow through on his promise after the election."

Mississauga News article (Nov. 16, 2011): Tory energy critic visits power plant.  Excerpt: "[MPP Vic] Fedeli suggested Premier Dalton McGuinty isn’t being up-front with residents opposed to the project.
During the recent provincial election, the Liberals pledged that the gas-fired plant would be scrapped and moved elsewhere.  Yet some 40 days after the election, work to build the facility continues.  'We suspect Dalton McGuinty has no intention of closing this plant and that it’s simply going to become his next broken promise,' said Fedeli, over the clamor of construction going on behind him.  'Where is the accountability?' Fedeli asked. 'Ontario taxpayers deserve to know how much they’re paying for each day that work continues.'

Mississauga News article (Nov. 16, 2011): Critic takes on power plant.  Excerpt: "Vic Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing and energy critic for the Progressive Conservatives, will use the power plant – which gets larger and larger with each growing day of construction — as a backdrop for cameras when he speaks to the media at 11 a.m. at the site on Loreland Ave."

Toronto Sun column, by Christina Blizzard (Nov. 12, 2011): Liberals talking fiscal restraint?  Excerpt: "The runaway deficit has already grown $1 billion from projections before the election.  We have a government that’s wasted what most observers consider to be at least $1 billion building a gas-fired electricity generating plant in Mississauga they said during the election they will, 'relocate.'  In fact, construction is still going on.  Will they really move it?  What they mean is that they’ll pull it down and build it somewhere else.  Do you really think that’s going to happen?  So either they’ll renege on their election promise — or the plant will sit derelict. ... That’s likely what we’ll end up with in Mississauga. A white elephant in the wide world of electricity generation — and a fitting monument to a government that says one thing and does another."

Toronto Star article (Nov. 9, 2011): Power plant will close even if finished, Liberals insist.  Excerpt: "The Liberals insist a Mississauga power plant — still under construction despite a mid-election promise to move it — will be scrapped even if it’s ultimately completed.  Officials remain at a loss to explain why work on the plant near Sherway Gardens continues more than six weeks after the Grits scrambled to cancel it before the tightly fought Oct. 6 election.  'I have no further progress to report,' Energy Minister Chris Bentley said Tuesday.

Oilweek Magazine - Canadian Press article (Nov. 9, 2011): Discussions underway but no new info on Mississauga gas plant, McGuinty says.  Excerpt: "Energy Minister Chris Bentley refused to answer questions about why the government was allowing the plant to grow bigger, which would only make its transport more difficult and costly."

CTV Toronto article (Nov. 9, 2011): McGuinty has no update on Mississauga power plant.  Excerpt: "The governing Liberals are no closer to moving a gas plant they promised to shut down during the provincial election despite calls from the opposition to at least stop work on the site so that taxpayers don't get stuck with a massive bill. ... McGuinty has insisted he will move the plants but had no progress to report Wednesday, only saying that 'discussions are still underway.'"

Global Toronto - Canadian Press article (Nov. 2, 2011): Liberals can't explain how they'd meet campaign pledge to move gas plant.  Excerpt: "The governing Liberals were at a loss to explain Wednesday why construction is continuing at a gas plant in Mississauga they pledged to shut down during the Ontario election campaign. Critics are questioning whether the Liberals will be able to keep their promise when they won't say how they plan to move a facility that's getting closer to completion."

Toronto Star article (Nov. 2, 2011): Hard to stop Mississauga gas plant, Liberals admit
Excerpt: "Premier Dalton McGuinty admits his new government is powerless to quickly stop construction of a Mississauga gas-fired power plant cancelled for political reasons just before the Oct. 6 election.  On Wednesday, he conceded it will take time to actually halt the building of the electricity plant located near Sherway Gardens. ... During a tense exchange with reporters before entering the first cabinet meeting of the new administration Wednesday, Energy Minister Chris Bentley refused to get into specifics on the talks apparently going on between the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), a government agency, and Eastern Power, which is still building the plant."

Law Times commentary (Oct. 31, 2011): Inside Queen's Park: Contracts cancelled at taxpayers’ expense.  Excerpt: "The government hasn’t officially cancelled the Mississauga plant, although it has telegraphed its intent.  In the meantime, construction continues unabated with machines and equipment flying in and out of the site.  Estimates from some sources of the cost of cancelling the contract run to the billion-dollar mark because of anticipated revenues from the energy portion.  Greenfield South, however, isn’t talking.  Instead, it prefers to focus on the job and wait for an official notice. ... The potential cancellation of the $400-million Greenfield South gas plant is a similar debacle. It was to have delivered 280 megawatts of power by the fall of 2014."

CBC News analysis, by Robert Fisher (Oct. 28, 2011): Liberals evade outrage on power plant issue.  Excerpt: "Eastern Power is still working on the plant in Mississauga.  If it's been halted by order of Dalton McGuinty, it seems clear the order has yet to arrive.  And the newly-minted and perhaps future Liberal leader, Chris Bentley — up to his eyeballs in briefing books learning the ropes of the energy ministry that he was just appointed to — could barely get out a brief written statement that essentially said nothing. ... So, on the power plant, what is the Liberals' exit strategy?  And how much more will be built before the premier or his energy minister have decided what it is?"

Toronto Sun opinion column, by Christina Blizzard (Oct. 27, 2011): Rural Ontario paying a high price.  Excerpt: "Newly appointed energy minister Chris Bentley released a statement saying the government is committed to 'relocating the natural gas plant originally planned for Mississauga'. ... That makes it sound as if some giant crane will come along, pluck it up in one piece from the residential area where it’s now located and plunk it down in a field close to nowhere.  That’s not going to happen.  The plant was well on its way to completion.  Changing plans now will cost hundreds of millions of dollars – a disgraceful waste of time and money.  And where will they put it?  Do we foist it on rural Ontario – the way the government has stuck residents there with hectares of ugly wind farms?"  
MIRANET comment:
  As then-Energy Minister Brad Duguid stated during his remarks upon cancelling the Oakville power plant on October 7, 2010, these local gas-fired plants are no longer needed in the southwest GTA, and long range transmission is in fact the best option, citing the Nanticoke solution, where such plants are welcomed by the surrounding community.  The power grid has to be maintained ANYWAY.

Mississauga News article (Oct. 26, 2011): Liberals in talks to move plant.  Excerpt: "The Ontario government is in 'discussions' to relocate a controversial gas-fired power plant currently being built in the city's east end, a Ministry of Energy spokesperson said this evening.  However, Andrew Block added, the Liberals will not be introducing legislation to halt construction of the plant, despite the fact that major work is still continuing at the site of the project on Loreland Ave. .... 'As far as I know, there would not be a need for legislation.'"

Charles Sousa, MPP Mississauga South: Statement (Oct. 25, 2011), in relation to recent concerns expressed by the community regarding the status of the Sherway power plant and continued construction.

Mississauga News editorial (Oct. 25, 2011): What's the plan?  Excerpt: "In a recent statement, new  Energy Minister Chris Bentley offered no explanation for why the work is continuing. Certainly, it doesn’t appear that Premier McGuinty will be able to keep his election promise.  He needs to come here as soon as possible and explain just exactly what’s going on. We want the truth."

Canadian Manufacturing (Oct. 25, 2011): Construction continues on cancelled Mississauga power plantCanadian Press report.

Toronto Sun (Oct. 24, 2011): New generator for unplugged power plant.  Excerpt: "A representative for Greenfield South Power Plant, and its affiliate Eastern Power Limited, could not immediately be reached for comment."

National Post (Oct. 24, 2011): Construction continues at Mississauga power plant.  Excerpt: "Incoming Minister of Energy Chris Bentley, who was sworn in on Thursday, simply has not had time to hash out the details of a cancellation, according to a spokesperson for the ministry."

Toronto Star article (Oct. 24, 2011): Work continues at ‘cancelled’ Mississauga gas plantIncludes photo at left.  Excerpt: "But in a brief statement Monday, newly minted Energy Minister Chris Bentley, who was not available for comment, had no explanation for why the work is continuing. 'The Ontario government is committed to relocating the natural gas plant originally planned for Mississauga,' said Bentley, adding the Liberals would 'work with the company to find a suitable location for this plant.'

Mississauga News article (Oct. 19, 2011): MPP calls power plant plan dumb.  Excerpt: "A plan to put a controversial gas-fired power plant in eastern Mississauga was a 'dumb' idea by his government and it will not go ahead as originally planned, the MPP for the area told Applewood Acres residents this evening.  'It was a dumb place to put it, a dumb place to have it,' Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa told a gathering tonight ... 'There was a lot of mistakes.  I'm not here to defend it.  I'm just here to make sure it gets fixed.'" article (Oct. 18, 2011): [Laurel] Broten looks forward to new role in 'major minority'.  Excerpt: "A mid-election decision by the Liberals to kill a controversial 280-megawatt natural gas-fired power plant in Mississauga near the Etobicoke border will soon be replaced with new government guidelines for considering future gas plant proposals, Broten [minister of the environment from 2005 to 2007] said. article (Oct. 18, 2011): [Donna] Cansfield looks forward to new term: Seniors issues, power plant top priorities.  Excerpt: "First off: ensuring that plans for the controversial 280-megawatt, natural gas-fired power plant on the Etobicoke-Mississauga border are finally put to rest - for good.  'We made that commitment, so we have to follow through.  It's the first order of business,' said the former energy minister ... 'It really will rest with the Mississauga riding, and so I'll be there encouraging from the sideline big time...'"

Mississauga News (Oct. 13, 2011): City pressures Queen's Park on plant promise

National Post article (Oct. 13, 2011): McGuinty told to make good on promise to halt Mississauga power plant.  Excerpt: "Council passed a motion calling on Premier Dalton McGuinty and the Liberal government 'to take immediate action to fulfill their election promise and cancel the contract for the Loreland Eastern Power plant, and that as part of the cancellation of the project, the necessary actions be taken to halt construction and return the site to its pre-construction condition.'"
SHERWAY POWER PLANT ELECTION PROMISES:  During the provincial election campaign, the Liberal and Progressive Conservative candidates in the provincial ridings of Mississauga South and Mississauga East - Cooksville (and their party leaders) pledged that if elected, their respective government would cancel the Sherway power plant and relocate it outside of Mississauga and Etobicoke. 
See the MIRANET article about the Provincial Election which was held on Thursday, October 6, 2011.  
Statements from Mississauga South candidates:

(Cory Mogk) Green Party statement Sept. 27, 2011.
(Geoff Janoscik) PC press release Sept. 24, 2011.
(Charles Sousa, Dipika Damerla, Donna Cansfield, Laurel Broten) Liberal press release Sept. 24, 2011.
(Anju Sikka) NDP open letter Sept. 20, 2011.

Above: Status of construction of the Eastern Power (Sherway) plant: September 25, 2011.  Since the MOE announcement of a further Environmental Review in June 2011, Eastern Power has continued construction at their own risk.

September 24 RECAP: Stating that the Sherway power plant is in the wrong place, four Liberal candidates from Mississauga and Etobicoke promised that never again would such uses be situated in sensitive residential areas, with new provincial rules planned to keep power plants away from homes, schools and hospitals, should their party be re-elected to government. 

Mayor Hazel McCallion, who was present at the Liberal announcement, suggested that the provincial government also re-evaluate the role of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in light of the decisions it has made, and also alluded to local planning authority taken away from the municipality by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), which in this case ruled in favour of the Sherway plant based on a technicality in the city's existing industrial zoning of the area. 

The much-anticipated Environmental Review of the Sherway plant, demanded by the residents and initiated by Environment Minister John Wilkinson in June 2011, has been discontinued as it is no longer necessary, according to Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP Laurel Broten and affirmed by Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa in a subsequent Liberal teleconference.  [MIRANET comment: Citizens should see the conclusion and outcome of this work by Environment Ministry staff, nonetheless -- the plant as yet has not been cancelled].  However, it was also acknowledged by the Liberals that Eastern Power may continue building on the site "at their own risk" as there is no legal ability by the present government to cancel the plant now, given the election writ in place.  The Mayor also confirmed that the City of Mississauga has no ability to pull the building permits for the Sherway site unless the plant is actually cancelled.

In a teleconference with Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak, along with Mississauga South PC candidate Geoff Janoscik, they stated that a PC government would locate gas-fired generation in willing host communities and use the upgraded transmission option, e.g. by converting the Nanticoke coal-fired plant, and that the Sherway power plant will be cancelled.

MIRANET is also awaiting the response of other parties in the provincial election, which will be held on Thurs. Oct. 6, 2011.

Citizens need to keep pushing to have this plant cancelled.  THE BATTLE IS NOT OVER!

Letter to the Ministers of Education, Energy and Environment from the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board (Sept. 19, 2011).  Excerpt: "The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board wishes to express concern regarding the construction of the Greenfield South Power Plant, located in East Mississauga."

Coalition of Homeowners for Intelligent Power (CHIP) press release (Sept. 27, 2011): CHIP Demands Definitive Statement from PC’s, NDP, Greens.  Excerpt: "Following the Liberals’ announcement Saturday that they will scrap the proposed Sherway-area power plant if they are re-elected, the Coalition of Homeowners for Intelligent Power (CHIP) is demanding clear, no-nonsense statements on the issue from the other parties’ leaders. ... [PC leader Tim] Hudak sent CHIP a private letter yesterday stating, among other things, that 'we will not build this power plant if we are asked to form government'.  However, CHIP is not satisfied with this."

Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) press release (Sept. 26, 2011): Buffer Zone Law needed to keep power plants At a Safe Distance.  Excerpt: "The province’s political leaders must commit to legislation governing the placement of power plants to protect the health and safety of communities across Ontario, the community group Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) said today.


Canadian Press report (Oct. 5, 2011): Hudak promises to stop Mississauga power plant that McGuinty said he'd scrap.  Excerpt: "Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is promising to get rid of a gas-fired power plant west of Toronto just one day before Ontario voters head to the polls. Premier Dalton McGuinty promised during the campaign to move the plant that local residents say will devalue their homes and reduce air quality."

Globe and Mail analysis (Sept. 28, 2011): Why the Ontario Liberals’ power-plant pledge is a gift to the other parties.  Excerpt: "Coming during a campaign, Sunday’s announcement wasn’t really a cancellation of the project, so much as a pledge to negotiate out of it if re-elected."

Globe and Mail article (Sept. 27, 2011): Construction on cancelled power plant to continue for now: exec.  Excerpt: "The company contracted to build a gas-fired power plant in Mississauga says it has no plans to halt construction on the site.  Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty said Saturday he would cancel plans to build the 280-megawatt plant in Mississauga, Ont., if he becomes premier again.  The Liberals had been planning the plant for six years, but faced strong opposition from local residents."

National Post opinion column (Sept. 27, 2011): Power play will burn Premier.  Excerpt: "In an election where there has been little to distinguish Tim Hudak's Progressive Conservatives and Mr. McGuinty's Liberals ... the future of the province's fragile electricity system is becoming a key battleground."

National Post article (Sept. 26, 2011): Campaign promise not enough for Greenfield protesters.  Excerpt: "Residents opposed to a controversial power plant in east-end Mississauga say their fight is not over, even after the provincial Liberals vowed this weekend to quash the project. ... Both the NDP and the Progressive Conservatives say they would not allow the plant to move forward if elected." article (Sept. 26, 2011): Power plant fight not over: CHIP.  Excerpt: "'If (the NDP) come into power, we will look at energy efficiency and conservation and secondly, renewables,' New Democrat incumbent Peter Tabuns (Toronto-Danforth) said on behalf of the Ontario NDP in an interview Monday.  Tabuns fought the Portlands Energy Centre in his riding and supported residents of Holland Marsh and Oakville in their battles against power plants.  'As far as I can tell, this plant is surplus to Ontario's needs.  We wouldn't build it.'"

National Post article (Sept. 26, 2011): Liberals cancel unpopular plan days before election, deny political motive.  Excerpt: "It turns out that agreeing not to build a power plant is to politics circa 2011 what promising to feed people tasty chicken was circa 1928."

Toronto Sun article (Sept. 25, 2011): Power plants a local decision: Hudak.  Excerpt: "Hudak said a PC government would put natural gas fired electrical generation into old coal-fired plants in Lambton and Nanticoke but would otherwise defer to municipalities.  'That makes a lot more sense than throwing projects into unwilling communities in Mississauga and Oakville,' Hudak said.  'Our plan is to work with willing host communities to say what is the best site for these projects.'

Toronto Star article (Sept. 25, 2011): McGuinty denies killing plant to save his skin.  Excerpt: "Ontario’s tightest election campaign in three decades has entered a crucial week, with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty denying charges he’s killing a Mississauga power plant to save Liberal seats.  The Liberal leader’s comments came Sunday as Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservative campaign made a surprise stop at the [Sherway] site ... [and] said he would not go ahead with the plant."

Globe and Mail article (Sept. 25, 2011): Hudak opposed to building gas-fired power plant in Mississauga.  Excerpt: "Mr. Hudak said he would ensure new power plants go to 'willing host communities,' citing Haldimand County, north of Lake Erie, as an example. Haldimand is host to the Nanticoke coal plant, which Mr. Hudak has pledged to convert to a gas-fired plant if he becomes premier."

Globe and Mail article (Sept. 25, 2011): Ontario Liberals not yet divulging cost of cancelled power plant.  Excerpt: "Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said he too would cancel the [Sherway] project and that his party has opposed the projects in Oakville and Mississauga all along."

Toronto Star article (Sept. 24, 2011): Liberals vow to scrap Mississauga power plant.  Excerpt: "Just ahead of the provincial election, Ontario Liberal leaders have announced they will halt construction of a controversial gas-fired power plant being built on the Toronto-Mississauga border if they are re-elected.  The announcement Saturday morning to rethink plans for the 280-megawatt plant comes after months of fierce opposition from residents who were stunned when the project moved forward in the spring."  

Globe and Mail article (Sept. 24, 2011): McGuinty retreats on controversial gas-fired power plant plan.  Excerpt: "Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty has for the second time pulled the plug on his controversial plans to build a power plant west of Toronto, this time less than two weeks before voters go to the polls."

Toronto Sun article (Sept. 24, 2011): Liberals say they'll pull plug on Mississauga power plant.  Excerpt: "Ontario’s Liberals have made a mid-campaign decision to pull the plug on a controversial Mississauga gas-fired electricity plant.  With advance polls already open, Liberal candidates Charles Sousa, Donna Cansfield, Laurel Broten and Dipika Damerla announced Saturday that they would, if re-elected, work with the developer to find a new location for the plant.
Click for the MIRANET presentation at the September 15th Sherway Power Plant Rally, including the 'Top 12 Myths' about the Sherway power plant.  Below: MPPs Charles Sousa (Mississauga South) and Laurel Broten (Etobicoke-Lakeshore) address the Rally when asked what their government will do to stop this plant, which was awarded to Eastern Power when MPP Broten was Minister of the Environment.


Just released: click for full-sized POSTER.

MIRANET's banner (top of webpage) will once again be put into service at the Rally, to send the same message the Mississauga South community has sent for years, in conjunction with our neighbours in Oakville and Etobicoke. 

Surely, with the August 2011 announcement of the implementation of the SW GTA Air Quality Task Force Plan (see sidebar) and the new 'Environmental Review' of the Sherway plant initiated by the Environment minister in June 2011, this proposed gas-fired power plant in the Sherway area will go the same way as proposals in Lakeview, Clarkson and Oakville -- CANCELLED!

Environment Minister John Wilkinson has told MIRANET reps that the Environmental Review of the Sherway power plant is a "priority" but has not committed to having the results released prior to the provincial election on Oct. 6, 2011.  SEND A MESSAGE AT THE RALLY!


Thurs. September 15 @ 7:00 p.m.
OUTDOOR DEMONSTRATION starting @ 6:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Le Treport Convention Centre - 1075 Queensway East (map), Mississauga.
Mississauga and Etobicoke citizens plan to rally in solidarity, and in support of those residents who live as close as 100m to the site.  Placards and banners from previous power plant rallies (the message is the same) are most welcome.

The Rally is sponsored by CHIP, comprised of ratepayer reps from Etobicoke and East Mississauga.  Politicians from all levels of government are invited, along with air quality experts and citizen groups including MIRANET.  Please spread the word and plan on attending.  

At left: Community image designed by Jerry Popowicz for use by Mississauga and Etobicoke citizens to consolidate the message.  Map by Barry Brdar.






















OMB DECISIONS: To view the series of OMB decisions that enabled this power plant to proceed, click for the the OMB E-Decisions webpage and then enter case number 'pl060319' in the search box.  The final decision was delivered on October 4, 2007.

Mississauga Council Resolution 0172-2011, passed unanimously on June 22, 2011, requests that the Ontario government abolish the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) for the reasons given in the Resolution, including lack of public accountability.  Mississauga will table this Resolution at the annual conference of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) on August 21-24, 2011.


POWER PLANT COMMUNITY MEETING: Thurs. July 28 @ 7:00 p.m. at GRAMMA'S BANQUET HALL, per the NOTICE issued July 15 by Greenfield South Power Corp.  NOTE: Attendees had been asked to pre-register before July 21 using contact info on the Greenfield South website.  Subsequently, members of the MIRANET Environment Subcommittee, along with RA reps and other citizens (e.g. Dr. Boyd Upper, shown in 1st photo below holding the banner), received phone calls from Eastern Power revoking their registration to the meeting.  Others were denied access at the door even though previously confirmed as attendees, never having been informed that they were off the list.  

South Mississauga and Etobicoke residents, as neighbours, as citizens and as voters, gathered outside the hall in solidarity with the smaller number allowed to meet inside.  When it became clear that Eastern Power's check-in system had broken down, the approx. 200 citizens present in the parking lot decided to enter the hall in protest of the arbitrary process to restrict information and limit liaison with the community. 

At left: Poster designed by local resident and artist Erdmute Gottschling who lives approx. 100m from the plant site.

In the packed steamy room, the meeting was quickly given over to Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa (see 3rd photo below), whom the audience requested come forward to explain the actions of his government and advise as to his own efforts to stop the plant.  When Eastern Power's Dr. Bruce E. Holbein (see 2nd photo below), who had initially attempted to conduct the meeting, announced that Peel Police had been called in to clear the hall because "We are concerned about public safety", the room erupted in laughter at the irony, this being precisely why everyone was there, even on the eve of the long weekend.  Nobody moved and the citizens continued the meeting for nearly 15 minutes until police arrived.

Questions called out from the intense audience concerned the status and details of the "environmental review" recently initiated by the Environment Ministry, the validity of the previous environmental approvals process (dating from 2004) and the health impacts of the plant in such an increasingly populous location and so close (100m+) to homes.  None of these topics had been on Eastern Power's agenda.

Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey and Ward 3 Councillor Chris Fonseca were also in attendance (shown in 1st photo below), as was Donna Cansfield, MPP Etobicoke Centre (who was Minister of Energy when the contract was awarded to Eastern Power) and Mississauga East-Cooksville MP Wladyslaw Lizon.

It was recognized that Premier Dalton McGuinty, Environment Minister John Wilkinson and Energy Minister Brad Duguid need to be the direct recipients of public input in order to get the plant cancelled.

Another public meeting will be held by Eastern Power in the next couple of months.  It was suggested that this be held in a larger facility.  MIRANET banner shown at top and below


This plant is a by-product of the provincial government's flawed "Green Energy" strategy. This is a political decision, not a technical nor a business decision, and in an Ontario election year this fact has additional resonance.

"There is a dirty little secret in the Green Energy Strategy –- communities in Ontario which for a century have been protected by a strong tradition of remote generation and a massive transmission grid are now faced with highly respirable pollutants -– PM2.5 and the like -– from neighbourhood gas-fired power plants being built as parallel ‘back-up’ to unreliable and intermittent renewables which can never carry the load. We need to determine how our Official Plan can defensibly deal with this new reality at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)."
- MIRANET Clean Air Subcommittee
Deputation: April 14, 2010
at Mississauga City Council.

Click image (left) to view the full-size aerial Mississauga Proximity Map for the Greenfield South project, showing distance of the site (in meters) to nearby sensitive uses including residential neighbourhoods, schools, Trillium (Queensway) Hospital, the Etobicoke Creek watershed and a rail line.  The site is very close to Sherway Gardens on The West Mall in Etobicoke.

Since the Air Quality Task Force report was released in June 2010, MIRANET has advocated for aggressive implementation of the key action items, including a local Airshed Management System pilot project that will inform policy across the Province.


On June 22, 2011, Mississauga Council unanimously passed Resolution 0173-2011 requesting that the Minister of the Environment conduct a full Environmental Assessment of the Greenfield South proposal and that the Minister of Energy conduct a full review to determine the necessity of generating 280 MW in a densely populated urban area as opposed to the Nanticoke transmission option In addition, Council directed staff to ask that the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) verify the financial capacity of Eastern Power to complete the power plant project.  See MIRANET YouTube video (released May 31, 2010): Why NOT Nanticoke?
Statement by Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa (June 15, 2011): Greenfield South Power Corporation / Eastern Power Limited.  Excerpt: "As you know, this project in Mississauga East has been moving through the approvals process since 2005. Prior to being elected, I requested a full environmental assessment (EA) on this site given the close proximity to homes, the railway line, the Etobicoke Creek and the hospital. Recently, the Minister of the Environment and the Minister of Energy have been asked to conduct an updated review of the EA process for this project to assess recent developments. ...  I continue to believe strongly in a C of A [Certificate of Approval] process that takes cumulative impacts [of emissions] into consideration. I am also disappointed with the proponent who has not made any effort to communicate with the community during this time.
Statement by Donna Cansfield, MPP Etobicoke Centre and former Minister of Energy (June 6, 2011): The Greenfield South Power Plant.  Excerpt: "There has been much discussion about the City of Mississauga's decision to approve building permits for a new 280 megawatt gas fired power plant on the border of Mississauga and Etobicoke [on Loreland Avenue]. I would like to take a moment to offer my thoughts on the proposed power station and to voice my support for those Mississauga city councillors who continue to oppose the site. ... This plant, while not located inside Etobicoke, will impact the quality of our air and residents are right to be concerned. ... Initial approvals for the Oakville site and the Mississauga site were made at a time when it was thought that local, gas fired power generation was the right solution to power the region. Clearly, given the factors which led to the cancellation of one project [Oakville: Oct. 7, 2010], the smaller Mississauga project should also have been overturned at that time."
As stated at the MIRANET AGM, March 2, 2011 (Clean Air Subcommittee report) the issue of the 280MW Greenfield South plant on Loreland Avenue in the Sherway area is still not resolved. The site is even closer to sensitive uses, including a hospital and homes, than the Oakville plant was. MIRANET believes this contract should have been cancelled in the spirit of the Energy Minister’s statement last October 7, 2010, when announcing the cancellation of the proposed power plant in the Clarkson-Oakville Airshed, that there would be no new GTA gas-fired plants.

Click for E-mail: March 5, 2011 from Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa in regard to MIRANET's question as to why the Greenfield South project is still proceeding, despite slippage in the original contract timeframes. Excerpt: "The Ministry of the Environment issued the Certificate of Approval in December, 2008. The contract between Greenfield South Power Corporation and the Ontario Power Authority [OPA] was renegotiated as a result of approvals delays. The commercial operation date was moved from 2009 to the third quarter of 2012. The company has informed the OPA that it will be in a position to finalize its financing once some remaining issues related to connection to the grid are resolved. Although the company claims that their financial state is positive, that has not yet been indicated to the OPA or to the Ministry of Energy."
Click for Letter: October 7, 2010 from then-Ward 1 Councillor Carmen Corbasson re the planned 280MW Greenfield South power plant on Loreland Avenue in Ward 1. Excerpt: "This site is even closer to residential and sensitive land uses. Given the reasons by Minister Duguid that "a transmission solution can ensure that the growing region will have enough electricity…" and that there have been "changes in supply and demand", I fully expect that the next announcement will be to cancel the Loreland contract for the same reasons."
"The Coalition of Homeowners for Intelligent Power (CHIP) ... in 2006, sent a list of 42 questions to the Director of the Approvals Branch seeking a ‘bump up’ of the Environmental Assessment for Eastern Power’s Greenfield South project (on Loreland Ave. in the Queensway and Dixie area of Mississauga). The Director commented on 21 of the 42 questions. His comments, in many cases did not address the substance of the question at all and in some cases validated claims by the proponent that were easily challenged. He ignored the other 21 questions completely. The Minister's response, about 18 months later, did not address all the questions either. The 280 MW power plant is now going ahead, per the latest OMB hearing of March 12, 2009." -- Dr. Boyd Upper, excerpted from Background Paper: March 19, 2009 written for MIRANET.