THE NEW ONTARIO GOVERNMENT HAS TAKEN OFFICE:  On October 20, 2011 the new Liberal minority government officially took office with the PCs as the official opposition party.  Click for the official list of the Ontario Executive Council (Cabinet) sworn in October 20, 2011.  Citizens now expect the promises made regarding cancellation of the Sherway power plant to be immediately honoured and construction to stop.  Remind the Ontario government by e-mailing:

Premier Dalton McGuinty  (416) 325-1941
Minister of Energy: Hon. Chris Bentley
Minister of the Environment: Hon. Jim Bradley
Minister of Health and Long Term Care: Hon. Deb Matthews
Mississauga South MPP: Hon. Charles Sousa
Mississauga East-Cooksville MPP: Dipika Damerla

Mayor Hazel McCallion
Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey
Ward 3 Councillor Chris Fonseca

ISSUES:  There are several important issues in Mississauga which are governed at the provincial level, which MIRANET reps have identified as follows:

1.  Downloaded provincial (social) costs on the municipal property tax –- will they all be finally uploaded so residents can afford to stay in their homes?

2.  Infrastructure funding from the province to assist cities in repairs and maintenance –- our property taxes can’t fund these needed projects!

3.  Role of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) which currently can overrule municipal planning without accountability to the local electorate. 
See the MIRANET article about the OMB.

4.  Power plants and air quality; currently residents are fighting the Sherway power plant –- incredibly the FOURTH such fight in the last four years. 
See the MIRANET article about the Sherway power plant
See the MIRANET article about the Air Quality Task Force.

5.  Increased electricity costs, related to the government’s energy strategy (including higher-cost renewables with redundant gas-fired back-up plants) and the HST

6.  Health care costs and delivery

7.  Review of the exemptions on the HST

8.  Per capita school board funding (the Peel Board is comparatively under-funded per the provincial average)

9.  Brownfield legislation for redevelopment to enable appropriate intensification and the use of existing infrastructure, and stimulate neighbourhood rejuvenation; would also benefit the environment by improving air, water and soil quality.

10.  Transit funding in support of provincially-mandated intensification.
CITY'S PROVINCIAL ELECTION WEBPAGE: The City of Mississauga encourages its citizens to learn how provincial policies impact the municipalities, particularly in the realms of transit
and infrastructure fundingThe City's Provincial Election 2011 webpage includes useful links and information about the election and identifies priority local issues, encouraging residents to ask candidates about:
•        Fund and Grow Public Transit
•        City Building - Infrastructure Funding
•        Interest Arbitration - Labour Costs for Emergency Services
•        The Future of the Ontario Power Generation lands
•        Post-Secondary Education Funding
•        Air Quality - Clarkson Air Shed and Loreland Site (Sherway power plant)

Mississauga Ridings and Candidates:
(*) = incumbent

BRAMALEA-GORE-MALTON (riding profile)
Kuldip Kular (*) - Liberal
Joy Lee - Libertarian
Sanjeev Maingi - PC
Archie McLachlan - Ind
Linda O’Marra - Family Coalition
Jagmeet Singh - NDP  ** ELECTED **
Pauline Thornham - Green

Mississauga News article (Oct. 7, 2011): Singh prevents Grit majority.


Keith Foster - Green
Amarjeet Gill - PC
Masood Khan - Ind
Amrit Mangat (*) - Liberal  ** ELECTED **
Christin Milloy - Libertarian
Karanjit Pandher - NDP
Walter Widla - Ind

Mississauga News article (Oct. 7, 2011): Mangat wins big.


Waseem Ahmed - NDP
Zoran Churchin - PC
Dipika Damerla - Liberal  ** ELECTED **
Jonathon Dury - Freedom
Winston Harding - Ind
Lloyd Jones - Green
Shriya Shah - Paramount

Mississauga News article (Oct. 7, 2011): Rookie wins for Grits.


Michelle Bilek - NDP
David Brown - PC
Otto Casanova - Green
Gerald Jackson - Freedom
Harinder Takhar (*) - Liberal  ** ELECTED **

Mississauga News article (Oct. 7, 2011): Three times a winner.

MISSISSAUGA SOUTH (riding profile)
Paul Figueiras
 - Vegan Environmental
Mark Harris - Freedom
Geoff Janoscik - PC
Cory Mogk - Green
Anju Sikka - NDP
Charles Sousa (*) - Liberal  ** ELECTED **

Mississauga News article (Oct. 7, 2011): Sousa romps to win.


Raed Ayad - NDP
Bob Delaney (*) - Liberal  ** ELECTED **
Wafik Sunbaty - PC
Scott Warner - Green

Mississauga News article (Oct. 6, 2011): Delaney wins third term.

"MIRANET is a non-partisan organization, and does not endorse any specific candidate seeking public office, nor any political party." -- MIRANET Terms of Reference (section 10)