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1. Ontario Municipal Election Reform: 2009 Provincial Review

The Province has undertaken a review of the Ontario Municipal Elections Act, 1996, under the aegis of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Legislation to amend the Act was brought forward in Fall 2009 and declared into law on January 1, 2010 (as annotated at the above link).

Click here to view the MIRANET submission (dated August 31, 2009).

Click here for the MIRANET background article.

2. Presentation to C4CA

Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA) hosted an Oakville Power Plant Information Night (click for notice) in Oakville on December 9, 2009. Approximately 400 people attended. Excerpt: "We invite you to attend this Information Night to meet the C4CA Steering Committee and its Sub-Committees and learn more about the power plant, plans to show opposition to this plant, and most importantly how you can help as a concerned citizen."

Click to view the MIRANET Presentation to C4CA: December 9, 2009 regarding the Power Plant issue. The presentation includes the "Top 10 Myths" about the supposed need to locate a natural gas-fired power plant in the densely populated and already stressed Clarkson-Oakville Airshed, and summarizes MIRANET's goals in opposing the plant.

3. City of Mississauga 2010 Budget

January 13, 2010: The MIRANET MFS made a Deputation (click for text) at the City's Budget Committee meeting. Click here to view the overhead slides of the MIRANET Deputation. This meeting was the conclusion of the Budget process for 2010, prior to final passage of the Budget at Council on January 20, 2010. Previously submitted MIRANET questions about the Budget were answered in writing by Finance Director Patti Elliott-Spencer and included as an Attachment to the January 13, 2010 Budget Committee Agenda.

4. Proposal to Environment Ministry re: Reconstitution of CASAC

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Clarkson Airshed Study Advisory Committee (CASAC) Chronology
Air Quality Task Force - SWGTA: Clarkson-Oakville Airshed

On July 10, 2009, MIRANET submitted a proposal (as requested) to Greg Sones, Director, Central Region, Ontario Ministry of the Environment, entitled: Reconstitution of the Clarkson Airshed Study Advisory Committee (CASAC) (click to view).


Click to view the chronology of the previous Clarkson Airshed Study Advisory Committee (CASAC).

May 28, 2009: A Public Meeting was held by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) to review the "adequacy" of the Clarkson Airshed Study findings according to the "scientific opinions of the experts", and to revise the terms of reference for the Clarkson Airshed Study Advisory Committee (CASAC) which was previously disbanded. MIRANET was asked to submit a proposal concerning the future of CASAC. Click here for further details of the May 28, 2009 meeting, including media reports, a CITIZEN SUMMARY of the meeting and Speakers' remarks.

August 6, 2009: A MIRANET subcommittee met with the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) regarding MIRANET's proposal to reconstitute the Clarkson Airshed Study Advisory Committee (CASAC). The MIRANET framework document submitted to the MOE on July 10, 2009 was discussed and MIRANET was invited to draft proposed CASAC Terms of Reference by Sept. 9, 2009 for Ministry review.

September 14, 2009: In a letter to the MOE, MIRANET confirmed its Terms of Reference proposal re CASAC would be stayed until there was clarity on a number of issues that arose further to OPA's announced delay (August 28, 2009) of the power plant decision.

September 30, 2009: A new air quality Task Force is described in the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) News Release (Sept. 30, 2009): Clean Air Strategy and Replacement Power Supply for Southwest GTA which also includes the concurrent announcement re: a new 900MW power plant to be sited in Oakville.

November 24, 2009: The new Provincial Air Quality Task Force was announced by the Ministry of the Environment (click to view MIRANET article).

November 25, 2009: (Received) Letter from Dr. David Balsillie to MIRANET regarding the Air Quality Task Force for the SW GTA (Nov. 24, 2009). Excerpt: "By the end of December 2009, I am expected to have created a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to assist me and provide direction to my work. The CAC will be comprised of a limited number of community leaders who will represent all facets of the locally impacted area."

November 30, 2009: MIRANET representatives (Clean Air Subcommittee) will meet with Dr. Balsillie in Clarkson.

5. Deputation to OMB re: Oakville Interim Control By-law (Power Plant)

See also MIRANET article:
Oakville Interim Control By-law (Power Plant): OMB Decision

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Hearing (PL090414), related to siting of the proposed 900 MW power plant in Oakville (within the taxed Clarkson-Oakville Airshed), was held at the Oakville Town Hall beginning Oct. 13, 2009. An appeal of Oakville's Interim Control By-law 2009-065 and proposed Official Plan Amendment 296 concerning power plants over 10 MW was conducted by Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd and TransCanada Energy Ltd. Evidence was heard on October 13-16, with Summations on Oct. 20, 2009.

The Decision of the OMB: Aug. 24, 2009, includes the List of Issues to be examined.

The MIRANET Deputation (click to view) was presented at the special evening session for citizen presentations on October 15, 2009. The Deputation outlines MIRANET's response to five (5) of the Issues listed in the Decision from the OMB's August 18, 2009 Pre-hearing (per above) and supports the ICBL.

UPDATE: Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), Decision (Dec. 4, 2009): In the matter of Case PL090414, per hearings conducted October 13-20, 2009 regarding Oakville's Interim Control By-law 2009-065 (upheld as amended) and Official Plan Amendment 296 (not upheld).

Click here for the MIRANET article regarding the OMB Hearing and Decision.

6. Joint Statements: Clarkson-Oakville Airshed Community

September 8, 2009
Why isn't the Ontario Government Listening?

September 22, 2009
Suspend OPA Chair and Clarkson Airshed Power Plant Procurement

September 28, 2009
Cloud of Questions Hangs Over Clarkson / Oakville Airshed Decision

September 30, 2009
Airshed Community Reaction to Ontario Government Decision re Power Plant

The East Oakville Residents' Associations who collaborated on these joint statements with MIRANET include:

Chartwell-Maple Grove Residents Association (CMGRA)
Joshua Creek Residents' Association (JCRA)
Oakville Lakeside Ratepayers' Association (OLRA)
Trafalgar-Chartwell Residents' Association (TCRA)

NOTE: For MIRANET's original position on the Power Plant issue, view MIRANET Resolution: January 14, 2009

7. Public Question Period at Council and Committees

At the August 5, 2009 meeting of Council, the MIRANET Deputation re: Public Question Period (click to view) was presented. The Deputation outlines concerns regarding the proposed amendments to the Council Procedure By-law which governs Public Question Period.

Click here for the background article.

8. Urban Growth Plan - OPA 95

At the June 1, 2009 PDC meeting, the MIRANET Letter on the Urban Growth Plan - OPA 95 (click to view) was submitted. The Letter addresses various issues of concern to residents, including: Density, Conversion of land use, Mixed use and Transition zones.

Click here for the MIRANET article about the Official Plan.

9. MIRANET Launch: Statement: October 7, 2008.

10. Enersource Ownership

11. Clarkson Airshed / Gas-Fired Power Plants: Resolution

12. City of Mississauga 2009 Budget