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If you are the member of a Residents’ Association, your first contact should be through the Executive of your own local Association. Go to the list of MIRANET participants organized by Ward, listing their boundaries and contact information found on the Ratepayers Network page.

On matters within your Ward, your Councillor is also an excellent contact for the information you may need. Our Links section provides email and website details for the Mayor and Councillors, and a map link if you are unsure of your Ward. Several Councillors’ websites provide details about Residents’ Associations within their Wards. The City’s website provides a wide range of information on services and events ongoing in Mississauga. Check it out!

The Links section also has contact info for the Region of Peel, the School Boards, and the Provincial and Federal levels of government.

If you do not belong to a local Residents’ Association, please consider joining or starting one! For information on what Ratepayer or Residents’ Associations are all about, check out the FAQ section.

For all other inquiries, please email MIRANET at

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