Q: What is a Ratepayers’ or Residents’ Association?

A: Such associations are recognized by the City as speaking for a group of residents with common interests as defined by the boundaries of the area represented. These associations receive regular communications from their Councillor in order that members are well-informed on issues in their area. There are over two dozen active and registered residents’ associations in the City of Mississauga.  Click for the list of MIRANET participants organized by Ward, listing their boundaries and contact information.

Q: Why belong to a Residents’ Association?

A: Citizens have the responsibility to speak up on issues that concern them, and to participate in the public decision-making process. Ratepayers’ or residents’ groups enable citizens to speak collectively, the better to be heard by those who make the decisions at City Council and other levels of government.

Q: Does it take a lot of time to belong?

A: Even if you don’t wish to be an active member, you can lend support simply by joining your local residents’ association. There is normally a small annual fee to cover the costs of running the association, e.g. flyers. The Executive of such an association is elected by the membership, and normally includes a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, etc. who will solicit input from the membership and represent the views of the area residents on specific issues, through communications with their Ward Councillor and City staff and other levels of government.

Q: What if there is no Residents’ Association in my area?

A: Start one! Use MIRANET’s RA Tool Kit to easily get an association started in your neighbourhood. You’ll be sure to find neighbours who are willing to get involved.  Or contact us as we’d love to help. 

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