South West Mississauga Ratepayers’ Association federal election debate on Oct 10

On October 10th 2019 the ratepayer groups of Southwest Mississauga (SWMRA) are once again putting on a debate for the upcoming Federal election which is scheduled to be held on October 21st, 2019.

You will have the opportunity to hear the candidates thoughts on how they will improve our Country and our way of life. Use your voice and your vote to make positive changes Federally. Many of you have attended our debates in the past know that they are spirited and the information provided helps us all make a more informed decision on who we want to lead our country into the future.

Get out and Vote!


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2 comments on “South West Mississauga Ratepayers’ Association federal election debate on Oct 10
  1. chrismacmackie says:

    Why not post a list of all the MIRANET related AC meetings of record, not just south-west Mississauga? Chris


  2. sueshanly says:

    We will post any RA within MIRANET. If you will note. Ward 10’s was the first posted.SueSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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