Is Chic Murray outdoor arena slated for demolition in 2021 without public notification or consultation?

Is Chic Murray outdoor arena slated for demolition in 2021 without public notification or consultation??

Chic Murray is known as one of the best outdoor ice rinks in the entire GTA. It has a superior ice pad and a covered roof which allows for outdoor skating in most weather conditions. It was put in at considerable cost in 2004 and has been in constant use ever since. It is highly treasured, extremely rare and very valuable for a number of reasons.

Located centrally in a densely populated area of Mississauga, this extremely popular facility has given residents the opportunity to enjoy a fresh air activity at reasonable cost. The roof structure allows skaters to enjoy the rink even in inclement weather for most of the winter. In addition to providing beneficial exercise and exposure to fresh air and sunlight, which helps to keep residents happy and healthy, it also allows skaters to meet up with friends, family and neighbours for a fun skate or a game of pick-up hockey. In other words, the arena promotes physical as well as mental well-being and healthy communities during winter months. This is especially important for town house and apartment dwellers whose outdoor recreation options are limited in the winter.

What is the reason for this demolition? The Chic Murray arena is one of two outdoor arenas in Mississauga. It is an in-demand outdoor winter facility whose loss would be keenly felt. It is irreplaceable. Covid 19 has had a devastating impact on the City’s budget which the taxpayer will be paying for many years to come. Perhaps the City can figure out a plan to incorporate the Arena into its new proposed development. Demolishing and then re-building the arena elsewhere seems to be a huge waste of the taxpayers’ dollar.

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