MIRANET encourages fiscal responsibility at City Hall

With the uncertain economic situation facing the City of Mississauga, MIRANET has been diligent in ensuring City Hall respects taxpayer dollars.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie and city council pay and expenses in 2019.

A special meeting of Council on Wednesday February 24 spent 40 minutes discussing the 2021 budget recommended by Budget Committee.  Most of that time was taken up with objections to councillor Saito’s motion to reduce the car allowance of $17,400 by one-third.

(Click here for the full article in The Mississauga News.)

Councillors Dasko, Starr and Mahoney all vehemently opposed the reduction.  MIRANET was dismayed by the sense of entitlement implicit in their remarks.  The councillors claimed to be busy meeting and helping constituency members (Starr), distributing “slow down” signs (Dasko) and collecting garbage (Dasko).  

Councillor Saito gave a spirited response.  She pointed out that Budget Committee and not Council was was the venue to raise questions and debate budget issues.  None of the three had raised objections when her motion was first introduced.   The issue was voted on separately from the main budget and carried on a split vote of 6-6.   

All other aspects of the budget were approved.  The storm-water charge increases to $110.40 per billing unit, applicable to most single family detached homes.  The storm-water operating budget was approved at $43,545,700.

The net operating budget for 2021of $554.3 million is an increase of approximately $16.9 million from 2021.  The infrastructure and debt retirement levy remains at 2.0 percent and accounts for $10,750,800 of the increase.

Finance staff and the executive management team deserve credit for moderating the financial impact of COVID19 upon the City’s finances in 2020.  The outlook for 2021 remains uncertain.

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