MIRANET Statement to Council on workplace harassment

MIRANET is greatly concerned about recent statements in the news by former Councilor Karen Ras concerning workplace harassment. Various news outlets have reported disturbing alleged behaviour by a City Councilor that resulted in a police investigation. No criminal charges were filed, and the incident was buried. MIRANET believes the Mayor, Councilors and the Integrity Commissioner should and must be held accountable to the constituents they represent and all the residents of Mississauga.

Why was the workplace harassment not investigated by the Integrity Commissioner and the Mayor in April of last year? A toxic work environment is detrimental to elected officials, City staff, and the public they are meant to serve. It seems that the complaints process of the City of Mississauga is broken. Where was City leadership?

What is the point of having a Municipal Code of Conduct, as well as a Governance Committee, if procedures are not applied and the committee is not consulted? Governing around a myriad of different voices and opinions is a challenge at best, but civility is the least that the public should expect from their elected officials. Mississauga citizens deserve answers, apologies, positive change and above all transparency.

MIRANET will be watching closely as this story unfolds.

Mississauga Residents’ Association Network

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