Mississauga Fire Station 119 Earns City’s First LEED Gold Status

The City of Mississauga was awarded its first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Status for Fire Station 119 located at 6375 Airport Road. The LEED Gold Status applies to both Fire Station 119 and Peel Regional Paramedic Satellite Station S11 as part of the Airport Road Emergency Services building.

“We’ve made it a priority to make our facilities environmentally friendly. Our commitment to being at the forefront of green and sustainable design is evident with this milestone and we hope to continue leading the way for other municipalities to follow,” said Ward 5 Councillor, Carolyn Parrish. “The residents of Malton are particularly proud of being at the forefront of gold standard environmental innovation.”

Officially opened in June 2016, the state-of-the-art facility consists of many sustainable design features, including:

  • a white reflective roof
  • stormwater management design
  • exterior and interior LED fixtures
  • high efficiency heating and cooling equipment
  • natural ventilation
  • low flow plumbing fixtures

“As the City of Mississauga’s first certified LEED Gold building, Fire station 119 represents an important milestone in the City’s commitment to building great and environmentally responsible buildings in our communities,” said Raj Sheth, Director of Facilities and Property Management. “This award illustrates Mississauga’s commitment to becoming a leader in green building initiatives and reinforces the City’s strategic plan’s green pillar.”

Mississauga began pursuing LEED Gold certification for Fire Station 119 at the start of the design process. This is now the second City facility with LEED status. Garry W. Morden Fire Training Centre received a LEED Silver Status in 2014.

In September 2016, Fire Station 119 also won a Mississauga Urban Design Award – Award of Merit for Quality and Green Initiatives.

About LEED
LEED certification provides independent third-party verification that a building, home or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at achieving high performance in key areas of human and environmental health. Sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality are all aspects of LEED design.

(L-R) Cliff Farion (ret.), Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services; Rajiv Chugh, Project Manager – FDA, Facilities and Property Management; Mayor Bonnie Crombie; Brian Walsh, Assistant Chief, Capital Assets, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services; Ward 5 Councillor Carolyn Parrish; Anna Cascioli, Manager, Facilities Development and Accessibility, Facilities and Property Management; Raj Sheth, Director, Facilities and Property Management

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Where are your 2017 dollars spent?

City of Mississauga’s 2017 Budget

Where are your 2017 dollars spent?

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City of Mississauga 2017 Budget

The 2017 Business Plan and Budget was approved on December 14, 2016. The approved numbers are reflected on these pages.

Try the City’s Budget Allocator Tool

PLEASE NOTE: The Budget Allocator results were provided to budget committee on November 28, 2016. This tool will remain online for informational purposes; any submissions or comments will not be included in the budget process at this time.

The budget allocator is a great way to learn about the cost of City services and to tell us about your priorities. It enables you to adjust the funding for twelve of the day-to-day services you rely on the most.

Try the budget allocator

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Municipal Property Assessment Notices to Be Mailed Out Starting May 16

May 05, 2016


Yesterday at General Committee, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) advised that Property Assessment Notices will be mailed out earlier than in previous years. Assessments will be mailed to Mississauga residential property owners starting on May 16. Mississauga property owners should carefully review and understand their Property Assessment Notices.

“An increase in assessment does not necessarily mean an increase in property taxes and, the City of Mississauga does not benefit financially from reassessment,” said Connie Mesih, Director, Revenue and Material Management. “Tax rates are adjusted to offset assessment value changes and to ensure the City does not receive a windfall gain as a result of an increase in assessment.”

Every four years MPAC conducts a province-wide Assessment Update and mails Property Assessment Notices to every property owner in Ontario.  This year, MPAC will be updating the assessed values of every property in Ontario.  All properties will have a legislated valuation date of January 1, 2016. MPAC looks at sales and compares like properties that have sold in a particular area.

The Property Assessment Notices will be used to calculate property taxes for the 2017-2020 property tax years. According to MPAC, assessed values of residential properties in Mississauga have increased an average of 6.8 per cent between 2016 and 2017. “If a property owners assessment increase is in line with the average assessment increase, property owners will see minimal change on their tax bill due to reassessment,” added Mesih.

The final Mississauga tax bills for 2016 use the 2012 assessment values and will be mailed out on June 9 and June 10. For more information visit the City of MississaugaTaxes and Assessment website.


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After a week of #DundasConnects

I was happy to see dozens of residents contributing at various DundasConnects events this week.   For those who missed the sessions, I will be posting the presentation slides soon.

This article was submitted for posting by one of our committee members.  You may find it an interesting critique of the Mississauga Transitway.



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Dundas Connects

The City of Mississauga is starting the Dundas Connects public consultation phase, as the city looks to intensify the Dundas corridor from Oakville to Toronto as part of the Mississauga Official Plan.

Below is a link to the discussion guide (.pdf).

Dundas Connects Discussion Guide 1 – FINAL


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Stormwater Residential Program Workshop

An invitation was sent out to attend a Stormwater Residential Program Workshop, April 13th, 2016; You can RSVP to the City via the link below by Friday, April 8th. 

The Charge

You may already be aware that properties in Mississauga will be assessed for a new stormwater charge which has begun appearing on the Region of Peel water bill. Please visit our website, www.stormwatercharge.ca, for details.

A Residential Program?

In October, Ward 2 Councillor Ras passed a motion approved by Council to establish a working committee of Councillors and appropriate staff to consider a credit program for residential properties with stormwater volume reduction measures. That motion is available online as part of the published meeting minutes of City Council on October 28, 2015 (page 14).

The working committee has met twice in 2016 to discuss and scope potential residential program alternatives. New research conducted by staff about residential programs of other jurisdictions in Ontario with stormwater rates has been presented to the working committee, as well as related insights from City of Kitchener staff and an environmental marketing consultant. Together this information, along with the concerns raised by Mississauga residents, has led the working committee to a series of considerations for a residential program.

Public Workshop 

The working committee felt that it was important to provide the public an opportunity to offer feedback on potential program options. The focus of the event will be a set of potential program options which participants will discuss and provide their input on in a collaborative group setting.

Date: April 13, 2016

Location: Living Arts Centre, Staging Room

Time: 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Please RSVP at the link below by Friday, April 8, so that staff can appropriately accommodate the number of participants.


Travel & Parking

The Living Arts Centre is easily accessible by transit. It is a short walk from the City Centre Transit Terminal and serviced directly by several routes.  For more details, please visit http://www.mississauga.ca/miway  or call 905-615-INFO (4636).

Parking is available in garage locations, surface parking lots, and street parking near the Civic Centre. For more information on parking locations, please visit http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/residents/offstreetpaidparking.


Stormwater Team

stormwater@mississauga.ca | www.mississauga.ca/stormwater

City of Mississauga | Transportation and Works Department,

Transportation and Infrastructure Planning Division

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GO Rail Network Electrification Project

Metrolinx – GO Transit has provided information about the GO Rail Network Electrification project.  Metrolinx is currently undertaking environmental studies, stakeholder consultation activities, and conceptual engineering design for the conversion of several GO Transit rail corridors from a diesel to an electric based system. The project is being planned under the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP), in accordance with Ontario Regulation 231/08, and will entail completion of an environmental assessment (under the TPAP), design and implementation of a traction power supply system (i.e., traction power substations and high voltage connections to Hydro One’s existing grid), as well as power distribution components (i.e., electrical power distribution facilities and connection routes) located within the vicinity of the rail corridors.

Throughout February/March 2016, Metrolinx and Hydro One are holding a first round of Public Meetings at various locations across the network as part of the TPAP to provide information and receive feedback on: the scope of the project, environmental studies, design and engineering components, preliminary locations for traction power supply/distribution facilities, project timelines and next steps.

Interested persons are encouraged to attend.   Please see below a copy of the Public Meeting Notice containing the dates, times and locations for the meetings, as well as a study area map and additional project information.​

In the meantime, if you would like to submit a comment or question, or to receive additional information related to the GO Rail Network Electrification project, please visit their project website (www.gotransit.com/electrification) or contact us directly:

James Hartley

Manager, Environmental Programs and Assessment
Metrolinx – GO Transit
20 Bay Street, Suite 600
Toronto, ON M5J 2W3​
Tel: 416.202.4894​



GO Rail Network Electrification Public Meeting
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Port Credit DRAFT Master Plan Presentation

The City wants to hear from you on the future of 1 Port Street East

Presentation of the Draft City Master Plan – 1 Port Street East

The presentation will be on Thursday, February 4, 2016 from 6:30 – 9 p.m. Share your thoughts on the Draft City Master Plan for 1 Port Street East. This master plan will guide the future revitalization of the site.

Register for the event

Port Credit waterfront is more than a shoreline – it’s a community.

The City has been exploring opportunities on the Mississauga waterfront at 1 Port Street East, owned by Canada Lands Company, and 70 Mississauga Road South, owned by Imperial.

The City is putting together plans blending the needs and interests of the community, the landowners and the City. There are unique opportunities at these waterfront sites to create vibrant, inspiring places where people will choose to be. We need to set the right priorities now for the future.

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Bi-Weekly Alternating Schedule for Garbage & Recycling

Waste collection in the Region of Peel has changed to a bi-weekly alternating schedule for garbage and recycling collection.

Find your next collection day:

Region of Peel Waste Collection


What’s changed?

  • Garbage, recycling and organics are now collected by automated collection vehicles in most areas in Peel.
  • Garbage and recycling are now collected on different weeks. If your garbage is picked up one week, your recycling is picked up the next week.
  • Recyclables must be in a cart or in clear or blue transparent recycling bags. Blue or grey boxes are no longer collected.

What’s staying the same?

  • Organics are still picked up every week.
  • Yard waste collection continues to be collected seasonally.
  • Unlimited amounts of recycling and organics are accepted at the curb.
  • Excess garbage must be tagged except during exemption periods.

The Region will collect your old blue box (or grey box) and green bin on designated collection dates in spring 2016.

Alternatively you can drop off your old, empty bins for free at any Peel Community Recycling Centre (CRC). At the CRC, be sure to dispose of your bins and/or boxes in the bulky plastic bin – not the garbage bin.

Please consider re-purposing your old green bin to store pet food, bird seed, sand or walkway salt.

Please also consider re-purposing your old blue box or grey box to:

  • Hold recyclables before putting them in your recycling cart.
  • Use as a yard waste container starting in spring 2016.
  • Store items/supplies such as holiday decorations or linens.
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2016 Budget approved by Council

On December 9, 2015 Council approved a 2016 Business Plan & Budget for the City of Mississauga.

Where the City gets money

Income Sources - City of Mississauga

The City only gets 1/3 of every property tax dollar collected.

Distribution of tax dollars

The City only gets 1/5 of every commercial/industrial tax dollar collected.

Spending areas - City of Mississauga

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Mississauga’s “Vital Signs” 2015

Vital Signs 2015October 6, 2015 — The Mississauga Vital Signs 2015 report has been released, the 3rd such report since 2011 from the Community Foundation of Mississauga.

“Mississauga’s Vital Signs 2015 measures the quality of life in our community, identifies trends and shares opportunities for action.  Mississauga’s strengths and most pressing needs are examined across ten distinct indicators: safety, health and wellness, learning, housing, getting started in our community, arts and culture, environment, the gap between the rich and the poor, work, and belonging and leadership.  The report helps our community identify where we are doing well and where we want to target philanthropy for greatest impact.”

NOTE: 200,000 copies of the report will be distributed with the Mississauga News on Thursday, October 8, 2015.

View the Mississauga Vital Signs 2015 report (4p PDF)

Mississauga News article (October 6, 2015): Mississaugans squeezed by double whammy of high house prices and low incomes: Vital Signs report.

Excerpt: “Rising house prices coupled with income inequality and increasing poverty in Mississauga is a growing concern, according to a new report. The Community Foundation of Mississauga officially released its 2015 Vital Signs report this morning that delved into existing data to present an in-depth look at Canada’s sixth largest city…The report found that the cost of housing in Mississauga is already sky-high and it’s only getting more expensive, noting the average price of a detached home in Mississauga was $844,679 as of May….Affordable housing continues to be a major issue. In 2013, there were 1,349 affordable housing units in Peel with 12,630 households on the waiting list as of last year. It’s estimated that the average wait time for a three or four bedroom unit is 11 years. Meanwhile, poverty is also on the rise. It’s believed that 18.6 per cent of Mississauga’s estimated population of 757,000 is living in poverty and that 21.7 per cent of the city’s children are considered poor. About 32 per cent of all single-parent families are living in poverty and 11.6 per cent of seniors are classified as poor.” 

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Video – “The Majestic Credit River”

Presented by Heritage Mississauga 

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